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Runs from Tuesday August 25 2020 to Saturday September 5 2020

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Caravan Farm Theatre
4886 Salmon River Road
Armstrong BC V0E 1B4

Event Notes

× These are unprecedented times. We know the pandemic has affected each of us in different ways, and we want to acknowledge this in our pricing. Ticket prices should not be a barriers to soul healing, community building, life affirming experience of arts and culture.

Please choose the admission giving level that best suits your circumstances:

$5 Pandemic hit you hard? Pay our “Pandemic Price”, and pay it forward later.

$15 Suggested ticket price for us to break even on the Cinema (filmmakers need to eat too).

$20 Feeling Community minded? Pay it forward here.

$35 Missing live theatre? Help us hold the space and pay the equivalent of a theatre ticket as a donation. You will be issued a tax receipt for this calendar year.

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